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Residential Construction

How Your Furnace is Affected by Residential Construction

Are you getting new residential construction? Don’t forget to consider how your furnace is affected by residential construction. Whenever you make a new addition on your home, you’ll want to continue the heating ductwork to continue into that new area. Your furnace will have to work harder to produce enough heat for the extra square footage. If you have an older furnace, the additional strain may just put it over the top and you could be looking at a furnace breakdown in the middle of winter. Ask your HVAC specialist to come out and evaluate your furnace. They will be able to measure its efficiency and let you know if it’s up to the added work you’ll be asking your furnace to perform. Considering how your furnace is affected by residential construction before you commence with your home addition will help you to be proactive in taking care of all the side issues that are affected by your construction project.

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