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Drafting & Design

CALECCO is proud to offer a full range of architecture, engineering, design, and drafting services to our customers. These added services allow us to be a one stop shop for almost any project. Instead of dealing and coordinating with separate architects, engineers, and contractors, we make it easy for you!

The other advantage of having your construction and architecture done by CALECCO is the Design Build Project: we will help you budget for the entire project while still in the design phase.


There are 3 important pillars of construction: quality, time, and budget. When we are involved in the architectural and design-related aspects of your project, we can help you meet your budget goals in a more effective manner.


We have seen it time and time again: clients spending thousands of dollars designing their dream project with an architect, only to find that they do not have the budget for it when the time to build their dream home comes along. We hate to see this happen, and believe that a Design-Build approach by CALECCO ensures proper design, planning, and budgeting in order to help you start and complete your project on time, on budget, and with unmatched quality. 

Give us a call to discuss options.

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