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Bathroom Remodeling

We want to transform your bathroom into a room that you want to be in, instead of a room you must be in. Bathrooms need to be both visually appealing as well as functionally practical.

To design and build a bathroom properly, we must first determine its use…well obviously, we know what it’s used for, but we must determine who is using it. A powder room for guests and a master bathroom for you are completely different. If you have an infant, your needs are completely different than someone who is building a bathroom for their teenager.

An important part of remodeling or building a bathroom is waterproofing. A common trend in bathroom remodeling is removing old tubs and building a stand-up shower in its place with a custom frameless glass shower door. If done right, this is a beautiful and functional upgrade to any bathroom.

Items that should be considered during the design and planning phase of your bathroom remodel:

  • Do you need storage space in your bathroom?

  • Do you get cold when you get out of the shower or bathroom? A fan/heater might be a wise choice.

  • Do your feet get cold easily? Heated bathroom floors might be something to consider.

  • Like natural light but still want your privacy? Tubular skylights are a great option.

  • Do you and your spouse feel like you’re waiting in line to take a shower or get ready in the morning? WE LOVE DOUBLE SHOWERS and vanities.

CALECCO is proud of our in-house design and drafting team. If you don’t have your plans drawn out yet, no worries! We can help take your dream home from conception to completion. Our team includes architects and designers that will help bring your dream home to reality. If you already have your house plans drawn out, contact us today to start building your dream. Give us a call to discuss your options.

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