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 Custom Home

Think about your dream house…

Every little detail of that home is customized to who you are. It is nearly impossible to find a house on the market that fits all your expectations. The most cost-effective option, if not the only option, is to custom build your home.

Reasons to build a new house:


It is most likely going to be cheaper for you to BUILD a new house, than to buy one that suits your wants and needs. Depending on location and price per square foot in the neighborhood, construction is usually a fraction of the cost.


Instead of adjusting to a house, let your home be fine-tuned for you. Building your home guarantees that every corner of it is built to your satisfaction.


You have control over the quality of each product that is used to build your home. Not only will it be more aesthetically pleasing to you and customized to fit your needs, it will also suit your quality expectations.


CALECCO is proud of our in-house design and drafting team. If you don’t have your plans drawn out yet, no worries! We can help take your dream home from conception to completion. Our team includes architects and designers that will help bring your dream home to reality. If you already have your house plans drawn out, contact us today to start building your dream. Give us a call to discuss your options.

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