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Kitchen Remodeling

Save Old Cabinets During Kitchen Remodeling

Old kitchen cabinets are popular with home craftsmen, hobbyists, or with anyone looking to add a little extra storage space in their basement or laundry room. To preserve cabinets during a residential demolition project, first locate the hardware that secures the cabinet to the wall. Unscrew as needed. Have a buddy hold the other end of the cabinet as you lift it away from the wall and onto the floor. Try to keep like cabinets together, for organizations that might be in the process of putting together a new kitchen for a needy family. When you save old kitchen cabinets during kitchen remodeling, you keep them out of landfills and make use of something that might still have some life left in it! You can ask your custom home builder to save old cabinets during your kitchen remodeling project. They’ll be happy to do so!

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