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Home Design

Green Home Design Ideas for Your Custom Home

Imagine if you could have a designer looking home by using just one material in several different ways. Concrete is that material. Concrete is versatile, affordable, and is considered to be one of the greenest home construction materials on the market.
Concrete Kitchen Countertops
Concrete kitchen countertops are versatile, durable and resistant to scratches and stains when sealed after installation. Like granite countertops, you’ll be able to set down pots straight out of the oven without being concerned about burn marks. To dress up a concrete kitchen countertop design, ask your contractor to add elements like sea glass, shells or minerals to the wet concrete mix.
Stamped Concrete Pool Surrounds
Instead of hiring a mason to lay hundreds of bricks around your in-ground swimming pool, have a concrete pourer install a concrete surround. The resulting safe walking area will be the same, since concrete offers enough friction and roughness to prevent slips and falls even when wet. These two green home design ideas are easily available when you use a custom home builder.

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