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Considerations When Getting New Construction For an Addition on Your Home

If you are putting an addition on your home, such as an extra bedroom or bathroom, there are some considerations you need to make. This is especially relevant if the extra bedroom and bathroom is going to be for extra occupants in your house. Whether your elderly parent is moving in, you are adopting a child, or you are subletting a room in your home for extra income, when you put an addition on your home, you’ll also need to do these three things.
Have Your Septic Tank Evaluated
Are you putting in an extra bathroom or adding a bedroom? Extra occupants in your home will put an additional strain on your septic system. If your septic system is older, it may already be maxed out with any additions made to the home prior to your moving in.
Check Your Water Heater’s Capacity
Typically, when a home is constructed, the size of the water tank is chosen based on the size of the home and the number of bedrooms. This helps the contractor estimate how big of a tank the house needs to accommodate the hot water demands of the home’s residents. When you build on an addition or make upgrades to your house, those hot water demands may increase substantially.

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