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Home Remodeling

CALECCO is one of Los Angeles' leading home renovation companies. By renovating your entire home, you will not only increase your property value, you will also save on construction costs. Cost of labor and management substantially drop when you get everything done at once.


Advantages to renovating your entire house as opposed to doing it room by room:

Save on cost:

Just like anywhere else, you save money by increasing quantity. As a contractor, we save money on larger projects, and we are happy to pass those savings on to you.

Faster completion: 

While remodeling 1 bathroom may take two weeks, remodeling 3 might take only 3 weeks. That’s half the time of doing each bathroom individually, and half the inconvenience for you, the owner.


This is huge! Have you ever walked into a house lacking a certain flow? Every room has a different design, though they might look nice individually, they might look mismatched as a whole. Renovating a house is much like picking an outfit: not only do you want to choose quality pieces, you want to make sure they all work together.


Another very important part of home renovation is design based on the type of home you have or want. While planning a renovation project, your homes design should be taken into strong consideration. If you have a craftsman house, we do not recommend renovating to a contemporary design, and vice versa.


CALECCO has successfully completed hundreds of home renovation projects in Los Angeles over the last 10 years, and we want to bring that experience to you.

CALECCO is proud of our in-house design and drafting team. If you don’t have your plans drawn out yet, no worries! We can help take your dream home from conception to completion. Our team includes architects and designers that will help bring your dream home to reality. If you already have your house plans drawn out, contact us today to start building your dream. Give us a call to discuss your options.

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